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The ?Personal? Plan

Your Choice of Funeral Plan.

The 'Personal? Plan

This plan provides a dignified but simple "no frills" funeral:

?         Many things have changed over the last few years and funerals are no exception - they have become more individual. While our 'package plans' cover the arrangements most frequently requested, the Personal Plan is made especially for you. For example, you may wish to have a horse-drawn hearse, a colourful coffin, orders of service printed, a burial of ashes, flowers etc., the list is endless.

?         ?????The Personal Plan is always worth consideration and in some cases it may prove more cost effective. Simply contact us to make an appointment in our ???????????office, or we will be pleased to visit you, without obligation.

*Plan prices valid until 31st March 2015
+ ?225 administration fee per plan
+ Disbursements (see below)


Whilst we will be pleased to calculate third party fees, or 'disbursements' at current rates, we have no control over what these might be in the future. You have the option of paying a contribution towards these but please be aware that there may be additional cost involved at the time of need.

Disbursements for a local cremation, including doctors' fees for a cremation certificate, minister's fee and organist: South Bristol and Canford ?1035; Weston Super Mare ?1168.



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