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Template FAQ's


Colors: can I change the colors of this template (fonts, background color, links, etc.)?

Yes, all of the colors are easily managed through the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). In fact, to make this even easier for you, we've created three color options for you. These are set-up in sub-folders of your template download: color-option1 and color-option2 (the third is available through the default view).

More info on the colors and design layout is available in this template - and, if you need more help with Cascading Style Sheets, we've provided some helpful links on our main site.

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Logo - can I customize the logo "Your Name Here"?

Yes, we've included the Photoshop file for you - so you can update the text and graphic to your preference. We also offer custom design services if you get stuck - visit our site for pricing chart. See our Colors & Design page for more information about the Photoshop file.

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This template is HTML and CSS compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium ( so you now it's clean code!

Easy to Manage!

This template uses include and/or libraries to manage repeating elements in this web template - such as the menus.


These modular elements make updates a breeze by keeping repeating elements easy to update.