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Funeral Plans

If you decide to change your mind on a color or layout decision, you simply need to open your CSS file and make the change. All the pages which are using your CSS instruction will automatically be update! What a breeze!

KC Britton and Son


Template Colors

The colors in this template are managed through the Cascading Style Sheet: fonts, links, background colors, etc.

Why CSS?

Think of the style sheet as being a tape recorder which remembers all your favorite layouts and choices for colors, fonts, sizing, table widths etc. You can tell the CSS to remember these sot hat you can apply your favorite styles on any page of your site.

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Layouts & Design

Three layout styles are included in this template: two column (right and left aligned) and a full width design layout. All of the design widths and major layout choices are also managed through the CSS file. The overall width of the template, padding and margin spacing - pretty much all of the layout choices you see are set in the CSS file.

It couldn't be easier!

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